An industry with round the clock operations, the grocery business is one of the toughest in the janitorial industry. Performing in this environment requires the tenacity and ability to communicate that Paramount delivers.

Complicated Issues High traffic. Hard surfaces. Food and drink. All ingredients that make safety a major issue in this industry. We excel at training our people to be safety conscious and use the best procedures and practices. In a high risk environment we have extensive experience in managing general liability and workers compensation risks.

A Flooring Proposition Floors are one of the most important aspects of facility appearance in the grocery market and we are the experts on total floor care. If the floor doesn’t meet a customer’s expectation then they focus there instead of on the merchandise. Paramount provides consistent, superior floor appearance across the store, the region and the chain. So you can have the customer focus on your objective; buying merchandise.

Training Processes Well trained employees are at the heart of our business. The Paramount University Janitor Training Program was developed to fill the need for a consistent method to train all PARAMOUNT employees. Built as a modular and expandable training program, it allows us to easily incorporate client-specific and location-specific needs into the training process.

  • Phase I – The Basics - This course gets new employees familiar with their new work environment and the requirements and procedures that Paramount has in place. It includes Employee orientation, Video Training Sessions, Chemical and Equipment Training, Basic Safety and Security procedures training.
  • Phase II – On the Job Training - This phase builds on the foundation of Phase I by educating employees on job scope requirements through on-location training. Customer and site specific requirements and procedures are also included in this phase of training.
  • Phase III – Customer Specific - Paramount Building Solutions next provides in-depth training on expectations and procedures for individual areas within each location in this Phase. Topics include rest rooms, entrances, fitting rooms, parking lots, office areas or other customer and site specific areas.
  • Phase IV and V – Project Work - The final section that completes the basic Paramount University Training program, and one that we are particularly proud of, sets us apart. Through in depth hard floor and carpet care procedures training in this session we prepare our employees to meet your high expectations. We utilize dedicated project crews across all divisions to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.

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